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Military, Police & Law Enforcement Wristbands

Choose military symbols from our database of 100,000+ clip art options!

About Military, Police & Law Enforcement Wristbands

We have many options to help you create military, police or firefighter wristbands to show your pride and support! We even sell camouflage silicone wristbands; they are great for veterans and military families.

Police rubber bracelets are often ordered in blue for police officers and law enforcement organizations. Red wristbands are frequently customized for firefighters.

Common military sayings written on custom wristbands:

  • Support Our Troops
  • Support Our Veterans
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Army
  • I Love My Soldier
  • Semper Fi or Semper Fidelis

Common police support messages written on custom law enforcement bracelets:

  • Blue Lives Matter
  • Thin Blue Line
  • We Back The Blue

Common firefighter support and appreciation messages written on silicone bracelets:

  • Support Firefighters
  • Thin Red Line

Whether you want to get a handful of bracelets for yourself and your family to show support for your loved who is an first responder on in the military, or want to buy hundreds to show support and give them out or sell them, we have options to help you make wristbands that will make them proud!

These wristbands also make great memorial bracelets for fallen heroes.