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About Memorial Wristbands

Memorial wristbands are wonderful for commemorating your special someone. It is not uncommon for individuals to create custom wristbands to help raise funds for funeral costs or to give to family members as a thoughtful way to remember a loved one. Creating a memorial silicone wristband can be an extra special way to show condolences.

Customize your high-quality, memorial bracelet in ways that help you remember your loved ones in a personal way by making the bracelets their favorite colors or adding meaningful art or that represents their favorite sports, hobbies or personality. We have millions of clip art selections to choose from that can help you make your memorial bands reflect your dear one in a warm, personal way.

Common phrases and art include:

  • The name or nickname of the deceased
  • "Forever in our hearts"
  • "Gone, But Not Forgotten"
  • "Rest in Peace" or "R.I.P."
  • The range of when the loved one was born and passed away (i.e. 1947-2015)
  • "Rest in Paradise"
  • "Love you always"
  • "In Memory of…"

Choose from over 2,000,000+ clipart options to customize your wristband today.

An army batch design to place on the wristbands.
Heart with wings design to place on the custom wristbands.
A heart design to place on the wristbands.
Candle design to place on the wristbands
A wreath design to put on the wristbands.
A flag pole design to place on the wristbands.

For fallen veterans or heroes, see our Military and First Responders wristbands.

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