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Fundraiser Wristbands

Choose fundraiser symbols from our database of 100,000+ clip art options!

About Fundraiser Wristbands

Fundraiser wristbands are a fun and inexpensive way to raise money for your cause or organization! Create your own rubber bracelets with your fundraising message and sell them to raise funds for your group.

Nonprofits and charity organizations often make their own custom fundraising wristbands because they are cheap on the wallet. Generic, universal sayings work well with fundraising bracelets.

We are a top fundraiser bracelet supplier for organizations and nonprofits like:

  • Animal rescues and shelters
  • Small groups and organizations
  • Schools
  • Churches and religious groups

Our 100% silicone wristbands are latex-free and are a colorful way to help put money in your cash jar quickly!

Fundraising Calculator

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Fundraising Calculations:

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Your sale price should be more or equal to $1


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