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Different Wristband Types and Styles

We offer seven different silicone wristband styles that can all be customized to your needs. Each bracelet is made of the same 100% latex-free silicone, but the style in which the messages appears on each varies. All of our wristband types are great for parties, showing support, promoting events, businesses and organizations and for fundraising!

Our printed silicone bracelets have custom messages screen-printed onto the wristbands. These are our most economical rubber wristband type, but please keep in mind that there is nothing to protect the ink from being worn away by friction (or water/soap), so avoid this style if you plan on wearing your wristband daily or in the shower or swimming pool.

Our ink-injected bracelets are a clean step up from the printed wristbands. They feature a debossed (carved) message that is etched into the band’s silicone, then the carving is filled with the ink color of your choice. The etching protects your message from friction and from washing away.

Our embossed wristbands feature a raise message. This option even allows for braille messages, as your chosen font will be elevated.

Our debossed wristbands have messages that are carved into the silicone. These bands and their messages will last for years as there is no threat of being worn away.

Our embossed printed wristbands are the same as our embossed bracelets, but the message gets a colorful layer of ink printed over the lettering to really make it pop even more!

Our color coat wristbands are cool, dual-layer bracelets that are made using two colors of silicone that are stacked! This allows your message to be etched out of the outer silicone layer so that it shows through in the color of the inner silicone layer.

Our blank wristbands are simple, wordless silicone bands and can be ordered in the color of your choice. These bracelets are helpful for crowd control and group events.