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  • Raising Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness

    (Jan 11th 2019)

    If you have ever watched the TV series The Big Bang Theory or the film Forrest Gump you’ve experienced a small glimpse into what living with Asperger’s or Autism can be like. Living on the spectrum can cause feelings of isolation, confusion, and misunderstanding similar to the disorder itself.

    Previously, Asperger’s syndrome and autistic disorder were considered two different conditions. The two have since been combined in new category specialists are calling(1).

  • Suicide Awareness: What You Need To Know

    (Jan 9th 2019)

    We all know someone who has lost a loved one to suicide. It is tragic, often leaving loved ones feeling helpless. Creating awareness and avenues for help can be a fulfilling way to contribute.

    This is why we want to help build awareness and help prevent any potential lost lives by talking about facts in regards to suicide. This topic should not be taken lightly.

  • Raising Mental Health Awareness

    (Jan 4th 2019)

    Our lives are so hectic that we look for anything to help release it. A busy, stressful life can take a toll on our mental health and our body. Millions of people around the world are so busy, that they forget to take care of their own mental health, which can lead to serious health issues.

    This is why we want to build awareness on why taking care of your mental health and body is very important. Try to help remind people to put your health before anything else. Too many sad stories are coming out that are related to mental health.

  • Silicone Wristbands By Rapid Wristbands

    (Dec 28th 2018)

    Welcome to Rapid Wristbands!

    We are the premier supplier for silicone custom-made wristbands. We have designed over 100,000 of unique orders for all types of special occasions. Wristbands are perfect for fundraisers, birthdays, awareness, memorials, lounges, weddings, schools, sporting events and concert events. Our team specializes in custom wristbands so that we make sure that you get the best product! We truly care about our customer's experience and wristbands.